22 Januar 2016

Joscho Stephan zu Gast in Weissenburg

Ich bin stolz darauf Künstler wie Joscho Stephan zu uns nach Weissenburg zu bringen:

Wann: am 27. April 2016  19:00 im gotischen Rathaus/Söller, 91781 Weissenburg


Joscho Stephan

Joscho Stephan is a young and yet seasoned guitarist hailing from Germany with a unique gypsy finger picking style that he melds with jazz and classical guitar styles. The speed at which he plays can give one pause. He plays with such confidence and power that is unlike others who play in the same style.  
 Joscho Stephan and Friends - World is Waiting for the Sunrise
Joscho Stephan excells at blending multiple styles in a fluidic and natural way. Not only is he proficient at playing "Gypsy Jazz" and in the style of Django, but Joscho also incorporates elements of swing music into his playing. A versitile artist who has been playing since he was 6, Joscho is truely a master artist who is not to be missed. 
Gypsy Swing Guitar
Joscho's music is available on the Certified Guitar Player webstore.
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Django Forever
Django Forever $20.00
Arguably his best album,
“Django Forever” is "a self-confident homage to the great role model. Seven pieces by Reinhardt and Joscho himself respectively reveal a mature young guitarist who captivates the listener with technical brilliance and supple phrasings." ~ Acoustic Music Records
Django Nuevo
Django Nuevo $20.00
Unlike other musicians who play the "Gypsy Jazz" style, Joscho isnt trying to emulate Django. Instead its as if he is playing in the style of music created by Django and also staying true to his own style of playing. This sets him apart and gives more depth to his sound. His speed and accuracy are only components of his breadth of skill. 

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